Terms of Service


Welcome to YAB ?! Counts! Thank you for using our platform. Our Terms of Service outlines the relationship we have with you and sets out the rules and conditions with you. At YAB ?! Counts, we are dedicated to bring the best innovations, best features, and new services no other site will ever offer.


YAB ?! Counts is a free service for everyone to use and you can interact and navigate most of the site without being signed in with your Discord account. With a Discord account, you can access services such as our public API.

You can use YAB ?! Counts and access our services as long as you comply with our agreement. You may use our services for non-commercial use and you may use our public API on videos, posts, streams, custom counters, websites, etc. While we allow you to use our services for non-commercial use, we also restrict users from the following:

  1. Reproduce, modify, download, distribute, change, or alter any code or services we provide.
  2. Interfere with or fraudulently use our services which may risk the security of YAB ?! Counts.
  3. Access our service using robots, artificial intelligence, botnets, scrapers, or any type of automated means.
  4. Collect or harvest any information which may affect or identify a person. Misuse or abuse the site.

Using our services does not mean you own or have any rights to any aspect of our brand, such as our logo or name.


Some of the services we offer such as our YAB ?! Counts API and the code of some of our open-source projects (like docs.yabcounts.com and the YAB ?! Counts NPM package) can be used freely.

Our service uses and contains links to other sites that are not controlled or owned by YAB ?! Counts, and our service assumes no responsibility for other websites we contain.


Most features and services we offer are available to everyone of all ages. Using our public API does require a Discord account and the age eligible for use of Discord is a minimum of 13 years. Please read the Discord Terms of Service regarding age eligibility.

Features related to YouTube are using YouTube Developer API and is subjected to YouTube's Terms Of Service. By using features related to YouTube you are agreeing to their Terms of Service and Google's Terms of Service as well.

Our services allow content creators of any genre to use YAB ?! Counts under the condition that it follows our terms of service and does not promote the following:

  1. Speech of any kind which is harmful or hateful to race, ethnic background, religion, nationality, and gender.
  2. Promotes violence or incites violence.
  3. Hacking which may be harmful to a person's personal information or software.


You may terminate your YAB ?! Counts Account at any time. Despite our service using Discord for login, you may contact us at [email protected] to take you off our database.

YAB ?! Counts reserves the right to suspend or blacklist users from accessing partly or the entire service if it breaches our Terms of Service. If we have made any mistakes, we will reinstate access to YAB ?! Counts, otherwise your account remains suspended or blacklisted.

We will notify you immediately that your account has been suspended or blacklisted by any means of communication we have and the reasons why said user has been suspended.

Anyone affiliated or working for YAB ?! Counts will not be responsible for any loss of profits, revenue, corruption, or loss of data, indirect or consequential loss; punitive damages cause by:

  1. Errors, mistakes, or errors in the service.
  2. Any unauthorized use, access to or use of the service.
  3. Any viruses or malicious malware or code transmitted through or to by any third parties.
  4. The inability to access any service.


We may change this agreement at any given moment if we include new services or features, or to reflect on how we do business. We may also change this agreement to prevent abuse of our services for legal, regulatory, or security purposes.

If you fail to comply with any of these agreements and we do not take immediate action, this does not mean we are giving up any rights that we may have, such as the right to take action in the future.