That's all Folks!

Thank you for using YAB ?! Counts - we're sorry it had to end like this...

To those who believed, we thank you sincerely, and to those who did not, we wish you peace dearly.

When she was born, she had the ambition as time went on though, she lost her mission.

Her code was a mess, the devs time was few, the users were many but then they were few.

Her idea was strong, to compete with the rest, but now it is clear, the rest were the best.

She made it this far; almost a year, we tried and we tried but the end was too near.

She will be missed by the few who truely did care, but the rest will remember her for the mess she did share.

2023/08/30 00:51 - 2024/05/18 15:00 UTC

"Seven live counters, created with care, now gone forever - their mark in the air."